Math Corps is a summer camp that began in 1992 at Wayne State University in Detroit. In 2019, U(M) adopted a similar program. In their own words "The Math Corps is about more than math skills: we prioritize mentorship through a kids-teaching-kids model, providing a positive learning environment and a strong sense of family." Math Corps at U(M) organize a free annual summer camp on the U(M) campus for both middle school students and high school mentors.  

During the pandemic, Math Corps at U(M) organized virtual Super Saturdays! Students log into an assembly in the morning, followed by team time activities. 

Polynomial Party Platter 2022

In their own words, the MMSS is "designed to introduce high school students to current developments and research in the sciences and to encourage the next generation of researchers to develop and retain a love of mathematics and science.

Much like many Math Circles communities, the Math Circles at U(M) focusses on engaging young students in open-ended explorations of interesting mathematics that they would not usually encounter in their regular curriculum. 

Teacher circles meets once a month and includes math educators and practitioners once a month to discuss interesting mathematics and exercise our problem-solving skills

Math club is the a forum for undergraduates at U(M) to experience interesting and beautiful mathematics. During a regular semester, they meet weekly. 

Other Outreach

I'm always excited to participate in outreach events for the larger community outside of the University too