The Lab of Geometry offers U(M) undergraduates a semester-long research and computing experience. Faculty members mentor 3-5 undergraduate students with the help of graduate TAs.

  • Staring Summer 2022, I am the director of LoG(M). My responsibilities include

    • soliciting projects from faculty mentors,

    • evaluating student applications,

    • assigning projects to groups,

    • assigning graduate student assistants to student groups,

    • teaching a class on best practices in mathematical research,

  • During Fall 2020, I mentored a project titles "Orthogonal Polynomials."

This 8-week program offers undergraduate students the chance to work with a faculty member on research.

  • During Summer 2022, I worked with Andrew Fischer-Garbutt on a project studying the Christoffel transformation for classical orthogonal polynomials.